Ms. Maisel Makes Life Look More Like Comedy


I would like to be more like the character Midge from the Marvelous Ms. Maisel.
Let me explain.
The show starts with this woman who seems to have it all. Picture New York City in the 1950s and there is this woman who went to college, had a ball, met the love of her life, and had a wedding that made Daddy’s wallet dusty. That was the life of Midge Maisel until her husband left one night out of the blue because he was frustrated that his comedy career had not progressed beyond bootstrapping. She had no job, two kids, and parents who were convinced that she was the reason he left (because it was the 1950’s). Midge was distraught and in shock as she stumbled around New York city with a bottle of alcohol and she was in naught, but a trenchcoat and a nightgown. She eventually wanders over to the club that her husband, Joel, used to perform at. In her drunken stupor, she stumbled onto the stage and talked about her recent misfortunes, which led to a really great set.
She realized that she could be a comedian.
So, she secretly stepped out to pursue the craft and she found that she loved her stream-of-consciousness way of making life look more like comedy.
I would like to be more like Ms. Maisel because she knows how to take the worst situations and spin it around. Even as she navigates her journey into becoming her own woman and discovering what she wants, she faces everything with her head held high. Her personality and charm sparkle even when the world seems to be falling apart around her.

We could all learn to use what’s going in our lives to help us move forward and move forward while being a little entertained. Maybe your family is about as mixed up as Midge’s, maybe even more. You could take the opportunity to make your own set and perform at your local comedy club, write a vulnerable yet sassy memoir, make a comedy video that’s secretly about that one aunt who complains about prices of everything who secretly wants you to buy things for her. (I spilled my own business, didn’t I? ;))
I’m just saying that when you look from another angle, life starts to look more like comedy. If you begin to embrace the mess and even laugh at the insanity of it, it may be that much easier to find your joy. I’m not saying you should continue to stay in god-awful situations and I’m not saying that the joy will stick around 24/7. I’m just telling you to use your crazy and if anyone has complaints about what you’ve got to say about them or to them, you can tell them that if they wanted you to say nice things about them then they should have behaved better.

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