Camp NaNoWriMo 2019

I haven’t declared my project for Camp NaNoWriMo yet, but this July I’m trying to keep it casual. I’m currently editing my book Guardians of Masks and Memory, so that I can self publish in December 2019. However, I’ve had this itch to just write. Not edit and clean up a manuscript, but to just write, so I’ve started writing the second book. So far I’m at 1366 words, but I’m trying to be casual about it. For one thing, I’m editing the first book in the series, so some details may have to change in the second book. I honestly don’t know if it’s the “smart” thing to do to write my second book in the series, while still editing the first. I just know that I love the story in my first book, but I’m getting a little sick of it. I’ve been working on this story hardcore for my whole senior year and it took me over three years to write the first draft before I buckled down and took a proper writing course. Perhaps this will keep me from abandoning it altogether or maybe I’m screwing myself over by jumping ahead. Anyway, I’m writing something new and it feels it feels pretty good, so I’m just gonna stick with it. Besides, it would be nice to have a rough first draft for the second story done, while the first story is on the cusp of being published. I haven’t even named the second story yet. It’s funny because I came up with a naming mechanic for these stories years ago, but given the way that the plot has changed over the years and the fact that my beautiful title would have been a shout into Spoilerville, it’s probably best that I have the opportunity to think up a new name for the second story. If you want to get the vibes for what I’m writing about in the series, check out my Pinterest board at the link below!

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