Ebony Xscape

Guardians Novel - WIP

Guardians is my current Afrofuturist novel work in progress. The purpose of this fantasy novel is to explore what it means for African Americans to feel alienated from African culture, but from the lens of one girl in a fantasy depiction of Africa. This idea was conceived when I was at least twelve years old and it has changed so much over the years. I decided that I wanted to make a world that belonged to me, as many storytellers have done before me. I am also illustrating this novel so that I can communicate what I’ve been seeing in my head for years. I’m currently in revision status, but when the story and illustrations are polished, I plan on self-publishing this as my first book.

(The cover design is not final.)

Discovering the Let Go

The Let Go. India ink and drawing ink, yupo paper. 18x25 in. 2019
Sketchbook page 1. India ink, ballpoint pen, graphite. 12x8 in. 2019

I started this series with the idea of exploring abstraction combined with the human figure, but I found out that I was actually trying to tell a story. I was discovering the world I was building, which are the galaxy-like abstractions, and the characters, which are the studies of human figures and hair. I see this series of work as one study for an Afrofuturistic story that I will tell via a graphic novel and animation.