I Published My Book!

Yes, it’s true! Guardians of Masks and Memory is finally available for purchase as an ebook or paperback. Thank you all so much for being with me throughout this journey. My plans were to release this book earlier this year, but so many unexpected life challenges cropped up, so I had to push my publication date back. There was a point when I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it to the finish line, but I’m here now and the book is done! If you would like to get a sample of it, you can visit my Buy Me a Coffee page for a free preview of Chapter 1. I’m also working on uploading the whole cover design/illustration process to my Buy Me a Coffee for World Builder members as well. Please enjoy the video!

In a tall lonely tower of an abandoned desert oasis, an amnesiac lost princess named Maleda finds that she has a life and homeland beyond the desert that is threatened by a curse and an unknown murderer, so she works to find a way to break the curse, find the murderer, and discover who she really is.

Guardians is my current Afrofuturist novel and is the first in a series. The purpose of this fantasy novel is to explore what it means for African Americans to feel alienated from African culture but from the perspective of one girl in a fantasy depiction of Africa. This idea was conceived when I was at least twelve years old and it has changed so much over the years. You can get a copy now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

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