4 WebToons comics You Should Check Out


  • Lore Olympus
    • One of my favorite things is getting a weekly update for this webcomic. Lore Olympus is a romance that focuses on the story of Hades and Persephone, but with a twist. Instead of it being set in classic Greece with togas and such, the author, Rachel Smythe, decided that the Greek gods would be in an Olympus modern society while the humans were in ancient Greece. That means that Hades jets around in a sports car with his cellphone glued to his face and in the middle of a Gotham-like underworld. It’s so fun and you can follow the author Rachel Smythe @usedbandaid on Instagram!
  • Midnight Poppy Land
    • Our story focuses on an editor named Poppy Wilken whose life becomes intertwined with a bear of a man named Tora, who’s the bodyguard for a young Mafia lord. When this sweet, practical lady comes into the life of a bare-bones bodyguard, he literally can’t compute, which is hilarious and adorable. In spite of Tora’s attempt to keep her away from his dangerous life, they keep running into each other. You can support the author by following @lilydusk.art on Instagram and by supporting her on Patreon.
  • Lucky!
    • If you’re looking for a sci-fi drama of an alien shapeshifter, who’s adorably out of touch with earth customers and is trying to find out how to fit in on earth, then you should read Lucky! When he meets a human named Francis, he’s able to find friends to teach him about being human and he feels like he’s at home. However, not every alien on the planet is on earth to spread good cheer so-as you may have guessed- shenanigans ensue. You can support the author, Chris, on Patreon, as well!
  • Let’s Play
    • So, this comic is currently on hiatus, but that just means you get to binge without worrying about being behind!  The author, Mongie, has created a story about a young woman named Sam whose passion is creating videogames. However, when a popular let’s player gives her first game a harsh review, her dreams seem to be in jeopardy. On top of that, the dude is her next-door neighbor.  This comic is a fun romp full of memes and social anxiety. You can follow the author @mongrelmarie on Instagram.

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