My Thoughts on Jingle Jangle

It’s giving me Peter Pan with the flying. It’s giving me Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney vibes. “It’s Possible” makes me think of Impossible from Cinderella (again with Brandy and Whitney). This story incited a feeling of magic, fun, and redemption all from a Christmas fantasy perspective.


Our story begins with a grandmother, played by Phylicia Rashad, telling a Christmas story in magic storybook fashion. Y’know the kind where the world animates in front of you and beautifully transitions into live-action. Anyway, the story setting gives you vibes of A Christmas Carol, but actually bright, colorful, and happy, along with Steampunk accents that make the world unique. A successful and beloved toymaker named Jeronicus Jangle has a notebook full of all of his best ideas and inventions. He shares his dream life with his wife, daughter, who seems to have the inventing gene, and his assistant, Gustafson. One day he receives a package containing the one ingredient he needs to complete his latest invention, which in turn makes one of his toys sentient. However, in Jangle’s overjoyed state he doesn’t hear when the toy, a bullfighter with an inflated ego, declares that he wants to be the only toy of his kind. When Jangle goes downstairs to celebrate his success with his family, the bullfighter toy is left upstairs with Jangle’s assistant, Gustafson. Weaving a pep talk of deceit and miscommunication, the bullfighter toy convinces Gustafson to steal him and Jangle’s book of inventions. This starts a series of misfortune for Jangle and for years on end it seems like he has lost his spark along with his confidence, but in order for him to save his shop from foreclosure his grandaughter Journey comes along and it seems like she has inherited the inventing gene as well. (Don’t worry I won’t spoil the ending for you).

My Thoughts

This movie was so fun to watch and it honestly made me feel like a kid again, like it brought back the feelings of me watching Cinderella with Brandy (Have I said it enough? 😅) back in the day, especially with the diverse cast and the whimsical costume design. It was so nice to see a story about a family of color that was about bringing back the magic for them because sometimes the hardest rem Also, even as a grown woman, it was so encouraging to see a character like Journey, a brown girl that was into inventing, and how her thoughts literally filled the air around her. She exhibited all the black girl magic.

Jingle Jangle felt like a pep talk to help remind you that anything is possible and I know I’m not the only that needs to hear that reminder, especially in the midst of a pandemic along with the normal stressors of life. As for me, watching Jingle Jangle will become a Christmas tradition to help remind me of the magic.

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