Friday Favorites #1

There have been quite a few articles and websites I’ve been visiting that have provided great insite on various topics in regards to storytelling as well as living a fulfiliing creative life and I would like to share them with you:

How to Create a Novel Soundtrack and Why You Should Do So

This article was really helpful and intriguing because I have already made playlists for my current WIPs, but my playlists are more like a jumble of songs that seem relevant to the ideas I want to get across. I think that is because I am still working out the sequencing of events, underlying themes, and prinicipal characters. However, blogger Nia Wilson gives great advice for how to organize said playlist and gives a convincing argument as to why you should make a playlist for your WIP.

Organize your Writing, J.K. Rowling Style

This short post from 2010 gives a glimpse into how Rowling organized her writing and ideas for Harry Potter. We get to look at a chart that shows portions of her musings for Order of the Phoenix. I don’t know if I would/will organize any of my stories this way, but it is great to understand how other storyteller’s organize themselves.


This has been a helpful post that I keep looking back on because as a novice blogger and/or novelist, it is easy to feel impostor syndrome pop up on you. We look at other storytellers who have impressive followings and we feel like we may never get to that level, but we forget that everybodies journey is different. We think that having 5 followers instead of 5,000 somehow makes us less of a storyteller, but this article proves that this is furthest from the truth. When you open up a blog and publish your first post, you are a blogger, a writer. When you start writing your first book or short story, you are a writer. Just like it says in this post, you start being a writer once you write. It’s not like going to law school for years and then becoming a lawyer. You already got the title.

What are some posts/articles that you have found to be helpful in living a creative life?

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