What I’ve Been Listening To: Great Music for Writing 2

It’s been a minute since I made music post on writing music. If I’m not writing here, I’m writing elsewhere and music helps me to churn out the words. Here’s some playlists and mixes that may float your boat.

This is actually a mix I made 1-2 months ago. I’m writing fantasy and sci-fi stories at the moment and I wanted music that captured the magnamity of the themes and adventures that could be found in those genres. Music featured in this playlist includes work from Black Panther’s Ludwig Goransson, Marcus Warner (who is brilliant and rising), Hans Zimmer, and more. I’m still adding music to it!

I just got into Chillhop this year and it is super great if you don’t want to listen to anything to intense. This mix is from the YouTube Channel Chillhop Music and it is an ecclectic, varied mix for the genre. They have plenty of mixes and livestreams to keep tihngs interesting. I personally turn to Chillhop when I am writing a blog post article or when I’m doing schoolwork. It might be great if you’re writing a story with a relaxed vibe or maybe you just want a soundtrack to read your book to. Either way, Chillhop will keep you mellow.

Another Chillhop(or Jazzhop or lofi hiphop, whatever you want to call it, but it’s good) mix and this time from the YouTube Channel Dreamy! This mix seems to inspire one to listen to that quiet inner dreamer. I’ve found that mixes like this are good if you feel like the world around you or your environment seems to be too loud. It lets you just float through the present.

This is the first Chillhop mix I really got into this year. My ear hears subtle nostalgia and sunny days. The mix is brightly colored, but stills keeps you in a mellow mood, helping you visualize the budding of spring.

Sidenote: If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety/stress and need to slow down, I advise you to stop what you’re doing or continue what you’re doing and listen to one of these mixes, minus my epic one. The epic one might just stress you out more. 😁 Maybe it’ll put you in a better state of mind.

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