BTS Fake Love Fanart – Artist Commentary

Who knew that scrolling through TikTok in late 2021 would lead me to some guy named Namjoon, which would lead me to BTS?! One obsession with Dimple and Epiphany later, and I went to a live stream of the Seoul Permission to Dance concert in March and had so much fun! I was going through a funk and wanted to see them perform. It was amazing and inspired me to make this piece of the final pose from their Fake Love performance. Drawing this nearly broke my brain because I haven’t drawn a composition this complex since I was in college, but the result is worth it! As artists, I find them each to be inspirational and uplifting. It’s great to be part of ARMY and I’m glad that I found them and am able to listen to their music! Keep creating and keeping xscaping!👩🏾‍🎨

Manet’s Spanish Ballet:

Art(ists) that inspired this piece:

Marion Bordeyne:

Matisse – Dance 1:

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