Heart Part Bantu Knots

Happy Black History Month and happy Valentine’s day! I thought I could kill two birds with one stone with this one.😉 I’ve been fascinated with black hair for a long time and even when I’m frustrated with my own hair, I love gushing over everybody else’s hair, particularly on my Pinterest board. Please don’t let prejudice keep you from loving what grows out of your head! I’m of the 4C hair variety and I’m fascinated with how sculptural my hair type is. Whether you do twists, bantu knots, an afro, twist outs or whatever you got, do it for you and you only.

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Take care of yourself as you pursue your dreams!

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This board is where I hoard I ideas for how to do my hair or just admire other people’s artistry. From headwraps to puffs and from twist outs to bantu knots, you can find it here.
This board is where I just love on everybody’s hair, particularly the more avant-garde types of styles that are really sculptural and multi-colored, but you can still find more everyday styles like twists, pixie cuts, and afros.

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