If We Could Be Heroes -The Superhero Prompt

I’m following the #dosummerwrite prompts from the Instagram account Well-Read Black Girl (@wellreadblackgirl) to bring a more mindful approach to my writing practice, both personally and professionally. Since I’m working primarily on editing my upcoming book Guardians of Masks and Memory, this is a refreshing change of pace and I hope to learn things about myself, my flavors of creativity, and how I want to write. The 2nd prompt I’m following is to answer the following question: If you are a superhero, what superpower would you like to have and how would you use it?

When I think about the power that I would want, I find myself thinking about Wanda Maximoff and her ability to create. It was only until WandaVision that it was confirmed that she was the Scarlet Witch and that she was able to harness Chaos Magic. Now, I don’t want to build my own version of the Hex. That was very bad! Even so, when I think of Wanda, I think of my own original character Ebony and the world she creates, the Ebony Xscape.

After doing some googling on the superpower Wiki database, I learned about all the powers that Wanda had and Chaos Magic piqued my interest. She essentially has the ability to rewrite reality and my character Ebony has the ability to do that too. Ebony is unaware of her chaos magic and creates a multiverse but in the middle of that multiverse is a planet of refuge. Imagine a place where all the oppressed and their allies could essentially rest, recover, and restore themselves. I came up with the character Ebony and her world because I wished that I could go away to a place where I could rest, recover, and restore myself. That way, I’d be that much better when I decided to venture back out into the world (or the multiverse) and try to spread some good and just live. So, essentially, I wish that I had Chaos Magic so that I could conjure up a new world among the stars so that I could create a resting place for the oppressed and their allies. It would be a secret place where we’d all be safe. That way we could remember how to live again, and then go back out to our respective worlds when we’re ready and live our lives while saving the world with one new growth mindset at a time. I’m actually hoping that I’m doing that more and more through my work and I’m hoping that you believe that the Ebony Xscape is a safe place for you to geek out and just be yourself.

This post is a little shorter than usual, but I guess it’s because my answer doesn’t feel that complicated. I don’t profess to know what it would mean to rewrite the stars and create a whole new planet for restoration, but I guess I’m just winging it like Dr. Strange. Thank you for reading and please share and like if you enjoyed it! Keep creating and keep Xscaping!

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