What to do with Your Journal

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Ok, so as a multipotentialite I have lots of interests and lots of journals, some with defined purposes and others a hodgepodge of everything. Here’s what you can do with your journal(s).

1. Brain dump – Write down whatever is on your mind. You don’t need to get specific with this journal’s purpose. It’s everything from that freaky dream you had yesterday to that essay you need to write for History class. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

2. Content creation bullet journal-Do you have a blog? Do you have a Youtube channel? Do you make any sort of content that you plan to post anywhere? Make yourself a journal for content ideas, timelines for the content project, and where you plan to post, and how you plan to market/share it.

3. Daily life bullet journal-Plot out your time and tasks so that you don’t run around like a chicken missing a head. That way, you know that you got a dentist appointment on Tuesday, you have Pilates this afternoon, and you got your list for what to get from the grocery store. All your day to day stuff that you need to remember and schedule would be great for this type of journal!

4. Thought Blurbs-Maybe you have random thoughts that you would like to record. Maybe it’s for big project ideas like a comedy sketch or maybe you had an Oprah AHA moment. It could also be something weird, like “do regular dogs see police dogs and think ‘OH NO IT’S A COP!'” (can’t take credit for that. Thank the wonderful world of Pinterest.)

5. Your favorite things-This category could be combined into other journal types/uses or it could be a nice standaline. Make a mind map of your favorite movies, favorite childhood T.V. shows, favorite art supplies (with a mark sample for pens and such), favorite books, favorite Youtubers, etc.

6. Inspiration-Thsis could mean jotting down quotes from people you admire, pasting in stories or articles that put a bounce in your step, or whatever lifts you higher.

7. Vision board journaling-Maybe you have a lot of different future aspirations and you would like something to look to so that you can be reminded of those dreams. Paste in pictures or make drawings of the car that you want, the type of house that you would like, the state you want to move to, conventions you would like to go to, companies that interest you, the business(es) you want to build, the grade that you want for your finals etc. Still, a vision without a deadline is a dream, so for each of your desires make an action plan for how you are going to get there. The action plan could include dates to hit certain steps, people to contact, classes to take, or whatever taks you need to hit to get to your goal.

8. Comics-Maybe you have interesting story ideas and you want to see them come to life. It could be annoying everyday life shenanigans or an epic sci-fi adventure. Draw them out and post them to social media because you never know who’s day you are going to improve or don’t post them if that’s not your thing. If you do post them, do add a watermark to your work so that it’s more difficult for someone to tale credit for your work!

9. Online course notes-I’m enrolled in a few online courses that don’t even have to do with my undergraduate degree, but I need to keep notes for them all the same. I’m working on online business and writing courses and making notes for each of the modules and lessons is a great reference. I suggest you make things less difficult for yourself and take some notes!

10. Dream records-It could be that you are really int recording your dreams or the one that you had last night was really out there and you’re not sure if you should write a fantasy epic or talk to someone. (I had a dream of this nature and I have chosen to stow it away for a future story, maybe a fantasy epic. Not my current WIP though.) Either way, write those things down.

11. Sketchbook-Whether you want to doodle or go photorealistic, draw out the images floating in your mind. Don’t feel like you need to abide by any sketchbook rules you have been told either. You write in your sketchbook, streak color on the pages for no reason and draw over them, or whatevr else comes to mind.

12. Poems-It doesn’t matter if they make it into a collection of if they are just for your comfort, write down those thoughts or observations. You never know. One day you might look back and think “that’s actualy pretty good” or you’ll have a good laugh at some of them.

13. Songwriting-It doesn’t if it’s just the lyrics or if it’s just the chords. Shoot, you may not even know the chords, but if you’ve got the ear and heart to write a song, go ahead and write it down. You can worry about what that instrument is called later.

14. Movies/Shows to watch and reviews and fanart-You might be one timer or a repeat offender when it comes to you favorite movies, but keeping a record to look back could bring back fond memories. Maybe you are a wrier/storyteller yourself and you want to know how to hook viewers/readers just like your favorite movies do. Make a record of those things from the unconventional character flaws to the worldbuilding. It could be great for notes if you have a movie reveiw Youtube channel or blog! Also, fanart. Need I say more?

15. Books to read and reviews and fanart-Much like the movie journal idea, you could record favorite memories from the book, quotes, and make interesting fanart, as well. Also, if you are a storyteller, you can write down things that an author did that you really like and would want to include in stories that you are writing.

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