The Start of Something New

I hate saying goodbye, the kind of goodbye where it’s the forever kind. It doesn’t matter if the goodbye is good for my growth or even my well being. It doesn’t matter if the goodbye leads to new opportunities because I care about the things or people I say goodbye to. Yet, the goodbyes need to happen in order to engage in new opportunities. With that being said, I quit my job to pursue my business endeavors full time and I’m very much in my feelings.😅

Goodbyes are necessary for growth. You can’t start a business without saying goodbye to your current job and coworkers. You can’t move to a new city or travel without saying goodbye to your hometown. Goodbyes aren’t always comfortable and they can hurt beyond your understanding, but the pain will lessen.

I said goodbye by quitting my job to fully pursue my entrepreneur dreams of blogging, making content for my YouTube channel, and making art! However, I didn’t know that this transition would be so emotional. I knew it was time to leave. I was burnt out (and have been for a few months), I didn’t have time nor energy to pursue my side hustles because of the overtime I was pulling, and I realized that I needed to take chance on myself to pursue my passions and give myself permission to take a break. However, it honestly hasn’t been easy so far as I’ve found myself depressed and still dealing with the residual effects of burnout. I’m trying to take steps to ease myself into working on my business endeavors while also remembering to be nice to myself. 🙂

The point is that I know there are other people going through a similar transition, or at least similar feelings, not to mention that the rest of your life is still happening and in the middle of a pandemic no less! I just want to remind you that your feelings are valid and you don’t have to justify them. Even if you’re quitting a job for your own good, it’s ok to miss your coworkers. Even if you’re ending a relationship for your own good, whether that be with a friend or a significant other, you’re allowed to feel crappy. Even if you’re changing your major for your own good, you’re allowed to feel unsure and even terrified. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in life changes and even in starting something new, it’s ok to be afraid.


Now that I’m funemployed (in the words of Evelyn from the Internets), I’m going to be making blog posts each week and keeping you updated on my creative/business endeavors, as well as the actual blog topics I put on this site😉. Thank you guys for being patient with me!

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