Podcasts to lift you up

Another Round

This was a gem that I found back in 2019. There are few things that I count to be as liberating as listening to two black women talk and laugh together. The podcast is currently on hiatus, but I still love going back and listening to the episodes which include insightful, heartfelt, and funny interviews between the two hosts with guests like Queen Latifah, Joy Ann Reid, and LeVar Burton. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter @heavenrants and @brokeymcpoverty.

Dear Hank and John

The Hank and John Green brothers range from internet sensations all the way to bestselling authors. On their comedy podcast they aim to give dubious advice to questions that fans send in all the way from what to do with an engagement duck to telling stories of glass shower doors exploding from the cold. If you want some comedy and brotherly banter to shake up your daily routine, I’d recommend giving them a listen.

Creative Pep Talk

I just found this podcast this year when I saw these beautiful and colorful thumbnails popping up in my Pinterest feed. This podcast is hosted by Andy J. Pizza Ever since the first episode, I was hooked into listening to his teachings on how to make a better creative practice for myself.

Ear Biscuits

You may know Rhett and Link from their Youtube channel Good Mythical Morning and you’ll be excited to know that you can hear a longer form of their storytelling, banter, and audio Op-Eds through their podcast Ear Biscuits.

Levar Burton Reads

Does the phrase Reading Rainbow mean anything to you? If so, you may have been missing the storytelling of Levar Burton and you can catch up on a host of different stories with his podcast Levar Burton Reads. You can get anything from Afrofuturism to Magical Realism and you’re sure to be engaged in a range of interesting stories.

Take a chance and try listening to one of these podcasts to inspire you or just lift you up. What podcasts do you listen to?

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