Creatives in Commercials

You know those commercials that come on where there is a spotlight on a really interesting creative person, but then you never hear from them again? I love scoping out those people as if I’m some world-class agent about to discover them or something. Maybe you remember these creatives…maybe you dig what they do. Just in case, I dropped some of the videos they featured in, as well as their socials in case you want to follow up on their creative shenanigans. Have fun!

**I am not sponsored by any of the companies or products featured in this blog post, nor am I trying to encourage you to buy any of the products featured for my benefit or the benefit of said companies. This post is merely to spotlight those impressive creatives that pop up in commercials, but we never seem to hear from afterward.**

creatives in commercials

Marcus Perez

This was one of the first creatives that I googled straight after a commercial. I admire those who can beat box and even with all my creative shenanigans (public and secret) I’m not sure if I would attempt to step out and try especially with people like Marcus Perez in the game.

Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant

I don’t care if you’re team droid or iphone clone, Apple dropped some serious heart with their ad Sway in December 2017. The dancers featured here, Lauren and Christopher, are actually husband and wife in real life. You can get the more of the skinny over at Dancespirit, but isn’t there choreography mesmerrizing. It’s such a whimsical idea of walking down the street acting like your life has soundtrack and bumping into someone who hears the same song.

Spencer Ludwig

Seems familiar right?

Oh, yeah! That one target commercial! Spencer Ludwig definitely has his own signature of soulful swagger, but trumpet and vocals are just two of this guy’s fancies. Ludwig is also a producer and dancer, who has opened for Katy Perry and got down at Coachella. If you’re feeling his indie beats, I suggest you keep up with this guy.

Don’t stop here! I love finding creatives and sharing their work with others. Keep your head up and look out for creatives that spark your interest! As long as I keep finding creatives to gush about, I’m gonna gush, so let me know if when you run into someone interesting! Keep Xscaping!

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