Videogame Soundtracks for Creating #1

Much like we do when watching a movie, we overlook the usefulness of soundtracks in video games. Similar to movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks influence a certain mood and help convey certain actions. When we listen to music, we can visualize the stories in our heads. The next mark with the paintbrush seems like it is being guided by the swells in the music. Below are some video game soundtracks that I have enjoyed and still find inspiration in.

videogame music1

Uncharted 4 – If you are looking for a mixture of fast-paced action juxtaposed with melancholic and thoughtful moments, I would recommend this soundtrack. It’s great for those stories that need a mix of emotional tension and quick decisions in the face of danger.

Stardew Valley

If you are in need of a chill studio session and want to keep an upbeat attitude, I would suggest this soundtrack. The sounds could transport you to the countryside or to the seaside.


RiMe will provide you with an undeniable sense of grandeur and mystery, as if the music has secrets wrapped up in between the notes. A story that you have stumbled into that has yet to be discovered and yet to be told.

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  • By thievesandlocks

    The soundtracks from Supergiant games are phenomenal. Transistor is my personal favourite, best if you’re looking for a techno flavour!

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