Useful Apps on the Mac

This is not sponsored in any way. I just like these services and thought that you would too! Prices were observed on February 20, 2017.



Y’know when there are so many badges on your menu bar that you can’t see the full menu for the application/software that you are in? I’m talking so many badges that they take up half of the screen. As a matter of fact, you wish that you could move the user information and the Siri badge somewhere else too. Well, Bartender takes care of that issue! It allows you to move badges to a secondary bar so that there isn’t so much clutter. It makes your screen less overwhelming to look at and hides the badges that you don’t need to see all the time. Personally, I thought this was really helpful because there are some applications that won’t notify me unless the application is open. However, in order for it to be open, I must have the badge showing. Also, there are some badges that I keep present because I will forget about the app itself if I don’t see it’s small counterpart. I have been using this for a few days shy of a month and I love it! Highly recommend it! Bartender makes you think “Apple, why didn’t you think of this?”



This is another app that makes me wonder where Apple was when they were thinking about adding new features to their software and applications. Unclutter functions as your clipboard history, a quick throwaway place for files, and a notepad. You may think “those features sound great, but how does it all fit into one easy-access package?” You simply move your mouse to the top of the screen and swipe down with two fingers and pop goes Unclutter.

You were just looking at a particular web page or changed a document and you can see your changes. You don’t need to continue tossing your files on your desktop when doing speedy downloads because it serves as a catch-all. Have a quick note you want to make? Swipe down the screen and start typing.

Useful Apps on the Mac



Essentially, it keeps your workspace organized and for a very low price. The idea is that your windows snap to designated areas of the screen as tiles. It really helps eliminate unnecessary app switching and multitasking becomes much easier. Users have the options of using keyboard shortcuts to snap windows. Windows can be physically dragged to corners to snap into quarters and windows can also be dragged to the sides of screens to make horizontal and vertical halves. Some apps don’t resize because they need to maintain a certain width, but that hasn’t kept me from liking Magnet and snapping my windows nearly 300 times, so far. (They’ll remind you how much you’ve been using the product for about every hundred or so snaps and will encourage a review in the app store.)

Fluid Browser


You and I both know that there are times when halving your screen between Youtube and that paper you’re trying to write doesn’t cut it. The end result is usually making the browser with youtube full screen. Procrastination takeover! Or, maybe you’re not like me and you are actually trying to follow a tutorial and keep flipping between two windows. Fluid Browser is a transparent browser that allows users to open up files and websites. Users have full control over transparency levels and when the transparency is activated, Fluid Browser floats over other windows, so you can essentially leave a screen up that won’t respond to your clicks.

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