The Abrubt End to Kobe Bryant’s Second Spring

When my Grandma said that Kobe Bryant died, I just knew that she had misspoken. I even grasped at the idea that it was someone with the same name, but I opened twitter and I saw his name trending along with people pleading God to give him back. Then, I saw that his daughter and other souls perished in the helicopter crash. I was in complete shock, but in the midst of the hours and days following the horrific news, I have learned about Kobe’s passion for storytelling.

I was completely unaware that he started a company called Granity Studios or that he won an Oscar for the touching, short animation titled “Dear Basketball.” I’m not going to pretend that I’m a basketball aficianado that knows all the stats of his phenomenal career. I was enchanted when I listened to his interview where he discussed his hopes to tell stories, especially when he voiced his desire to enter the world of animation. Now I’m adding the books to my wishlist and I’m inspired by the multimedia endeavour of the storytelling going on at Granity Studios. It gives me encouragement for my own desires to tell stories in a multimedia format.

We had him. Just like a black mamba weaving through the grasslands in Africa, we had him. Before he played his last game, he knew that he wanted to weave sports and fantasy together, traning his ability for imagination right underneath our noses and choosing artists and writers to be the vessels for his visions. This is a sad beginning to Black History Month, but we hurt for him as well as the other people on that helicopter because they mean something to us as people. They left us inspired to carry on their legacies by recognizing the importance of their actions and intentions.

I would encourage you to go out and live your life to the fullest and to pursue your passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first love or your second spring because no matter what, you deserve to radiate the way Kobe did.

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