About the Blog

Ebony Xscape is a place where you can celebrate creating and creators in the arts and tech, in your given unconventional color. Unconventional color means that we will be looking at a racially diverse range of people to use all the crayons in the box.

Ebony Xscape launched in December 2016 after many attempts with other blogging platforms under different names and most recently the conclusion of a stressful semester at college. This blog comes from an awkward, introverted millennial’s perspective and I hope to help other college women find inspiration as they go about their daily routine.

About Me – Ebony err…Jessica

Real name’s Jessica, but I made up the name Ebony Xscape when I was going through a sort of funk. I realized that there were so many trivial things going on in the world and we as people forget how awesome other people (creators) and their creations are! So, this ebony girl took the liberty of trying to xscape into a world where I could do just that. Therefore, the name Ebony Xscape came to be.

Way before thinking of cool names, I grew up in the arts: dancing, singing, writing, playing instruments, and drawing. Then, in high school, I joined the Robotics team for one year, but that one year opened my eyes to how cool tech was, particularly when I was on the animation subteam, and I really like animation. I’m currently trying to pursue animation in college because I think it melds tech and the arts together beautifully.

In essence, I’m here to share inspiring stuff and people that I discover, as well as talk to you about how to get through college as a lifetime a creator and novice techie. Really, I just want to tell stories in unconventional color.